My doctoral research in the Performance Science Lab involves investigating how principles of social and cognitive psychology can be applied to improve training for physicians, surgeons, and other health professionals. To this end, I am currently studying the group decision-making processes of competence committees, which assess residents' progression through competency-based medical training programs. My research is funded in part by a Doctoral Research Award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

I also maintain active research interests in assessment processes in competency-based medical education, attention during classroom-based teaching sessions, gender equity and work-life integration in higher education, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

From 2015 to 2018, I was a student partner at the MacPherson Institute, where I was involved in national and international projects evaluating the impact of large-scale teaching and learning programs as well as exploring the role of students as partners in higher education, an emerging area of scholarship.

I particularly enjoy projects that are interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature—if you are interested in connecting with me or learning more about my research, please contact me here.